ABA Action Arrives in El Paso, Head Coach Announced

With the Covid-19 Pandemic sweeping through our nation in March everything as we knew it, came to an abrupt stop. This affected many businesses around the nation and it certainly affected the Southwest Desertcats.

The Desertcats are El Paso’s premier professional basketball organization and had just kicked off their rookie season in the United Basketball League. They had an overall record of 16-6 and were on pace to find success in the UBL early. Unfortunately, that season was over before it was able to really begin.

During the quarantine period, the SWC Organization did not sit idly, waiting for things to go back to normal, nor did they throw in the towel and quit. Instead, they went back to the drawing board, brainstormed, planned and prepared for what the future would look like for the Cats. They re-branded their teams, logos, and missions and set forth into an uncertain but exciting new direction.

The Southwest Desertcats are excited to announce that El Paso will be a host city for the largest men’s basketball league in the world, the ABA (American Basketball Association). The ABA has embarked on initiatives we believe in, such as S.T.A.R. (Stand Tall Against Racism) as well as, partnerships with companies such as, All Sports Television Network, that will assist in exposure for our athletes.

After a long summer of searching, the Southwest Desertcats are excited to announce, Coach Jesus Aragon, as their new Head Coach. He will be filling the position with an outstanding and extensive resume as follows:

FIBA – International Basketball Coach License Mexican National Team (Women’s)/Bronze Medal Centrobasket-Puerto Rico 2 time World University Games Taipei-Taiwan 2017 / Napoles – Italy 2019 4 Texas High School - State Champion Back to Back, Coach of the Year 2017-2018 / 2A Boys Basketball CEO/Founder Pick and Roll Basketball Academy FIBA – Professional Basketball Coach

The Southwest Desertcats are excited to be a part of the Pacific Division where there are over 40 teams to compete against and look forward to getting back to basketball. Pre-season exhibition kicks off this fall, November 2020. Regular season starts January 2021. Keep a look out for more Southwest Desertcats news as they head into the fall.

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