Desert Lynx Players Burst onto the Training Scene

We have seen all over the news and from everywhere around the world, how Covid-19 has taken small businesses down left and right. The effects of the pandemic are still being felt for many and seems as though we will have to endure a bit longer. However, through the madness-El Paso native, Alexis Thornton and Jenzel Nash-from Houston, TX managed to use this time to their advantage. The two Southwest Desert Lynx players have Founded - and are now Owners - of Different Breed Performance Training. 

Before the pandemic hit, the two were doing a few one-on-one sessions. The extra time the pandemic provided allowed them to truly dive into bringing their vision to life. When asked what their mission was, they stated, “We want to train athletes on a higher level that will bring out a confident and high-intense level of play, ultimately to stand out and make a statement.”

The rapid success was unexpected for Thornton and Nash but they moved quickly to ensure they did not let up. Using social media, Different Breed would grow their clientele from five trainees to between 20-25 per session within two months of starting.These up-and-coming trainers have even included training various youth organizations in the community. But it has not been a breeze in the park. Finding ways around COVID has been their greatest obstacle but they encourage any upcoming business to “get out there, take a chance, and if you get knocked down, get back up like it never happened.”

Nash and Thornton are excited to take the floor with the Desert Lynx team in 2021, El Paso’s first women’s professional basketball team. We asked them what this meant to them and they told us “It is big for us, we get to play the same game we love and teach with some amazing women alongside us. Once we start playing, we will be able to invite our youth out to see a different level of basketball that might ultimately be a goal for them in the future.”

Different Breed Performance Training aspires to take their brand nationwide and more importantly, assist in getting the youth out of El Paso to play at universities and make a difference in the world. They have already tackled one of their five year goals in obtaining their own facility and will be up and running out their own location very soon. The two are on a fast-track to success so be sure to keep a look-out for Nash and Thornton on the training scene, as well as, the WBDA 2021 season!!

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