Desertcats over Tucson in overtime win

The Southwest Desertcats, out of El Paso, TX-remain undefeated after a controversial game last night in Tucson, AZ. Strange score changes throughout the second half with questionable calls and no calls kept everyone on the edge of their seat until the last buzzer sounded. Desertcats hold onto a 13-0 overall record and improve to a 10-0 record with the ABA in their debut season!

The undersized and short-handed Desertcats found a way to will their way to victory under Coach Jesus Aragon. "I have never seen anything like that, that was bad." stated Aragon, "But the guys played for me tonight. They really did!".

There was a huge momentum swing after an ejection of Daniel Hernandez- Desertcats point guard and nominee for the 2021 All-Star game-occured. Adjustments were difficult for the Cats not with having their big men, with the Buckets having three 6'10 players and a 7-footer. Undersized but full of heart the Desertcats received clutch performances by their young El Paso born and bred locals. Willie Avalos, Jesus Mendoza, and JJ Leak really stepped it up for the Cats when needed, to close out the game.

The Desertcats are not done in Arizona. Two hours up the road awaits the South Phoenix Knights. Tip-off is Sunday March 7th at 6pm, mountain time. You can tune into the game at to catch the action. Should be another tight one!

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