SWC Spotlight: Daeshi McCants, Graduate Class of 2020

Despite all the uncertainties the Covid-19 pandemic brought all of 2020, Daeshianna McCants overcame all the struggles and graduated from NMSU in May with her Masters in Social Work. She says her drive comes from wanting to "give back and be someone's light in a dark room." Those that have shared company with McCants will tell you she indeed does have a kind heart and sweet demeanor.

McCants shared with us the difficulty in staying focused throughout many personal struggles and the transition from student-athlete to mommy-student. She gives credit to some new friends for easing the road to academic success for her. Her intentions are to take full advantage of the CYFD program to find a position with a child welfare agency in New Mexico. She then plans to take her licensure exam to become a licensed social worker.

Graduate school was not in McCants' original life-plan. She had set out her dreams to go overseas but said, "God had other plans." She pushed through personal traumatic experiences and difficulties that made her feel like giving up but she persisted. When we asked what this accomplishment meant for her, McCants stated, "It means everything!."

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