SWDC Spotlight: Marcus Ruiz Graduates, Class of 2020

SWDC men's point guard, Marcus Ruiz was set to walk the stage in San Diego, CA last month. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic had other plans. Just days before Ruiz was set to leave for California, the U.S. enforced restrictions prohibiting gatherings and introduced us to social distancing. "I've always wanted to walk; it's a big thing for me and my family. But at the end of the day, our health comes first", stated Ruiz when asked how he felt about not having a commencement ceremony.

Ruiz completed his Bachelor's of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Sports Management from California Miramar University. The inspiration, his love for all sports and curiosity toward what happens behind the scenes of management and entertainment. Ruiz aspires to develop several avenues of income in the near future. He plans to begin the certification process to become a strength and conditioning coach while simultaneously, pursuing several of his other interests.

It is clear that Ruiz is full of ambition, "I went through so much just to get to this point", he says, "much more ups than downs but I did it." Regardless of the circumstance or setbacks, his "keep going" attitude will him to surpass each bar he sets for himself. Ruiz is one of many students that will not be walking the stage this semester. We asked him if he had any advice for students working toward their degree during these uncertain times and he said "keep your eye on the prize, just because things aren't well due to circumstances, keep going! You will cherish it once it is all said and done and be glad you did."

Congratulations extended to Ruiz as he continues to be a shining example of determination and drive in our community. We look forward to following your success!

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